Structuring your business incorrectly can be disastrous and costly to fix. That’s why we always spend the time to ensure we come up with a business structure that best suits your needs and will at the same time create the best possible tax outcome.

We achieve this by:​

  • Meeting with you to ascertain your objective and goals for your business
  • Advise on the most appropriate and tax effective structure for your business, be it a Sole Trader, Partnership or more complex options such as Trust or Company
  • A rundown on what your obligations are as a business owner under the various tax legislation when it comes to accounting and taxation
  • Design and setup of the structure
  • Execution and settlement of the relevant paperwork
  • Action plan and ongoing guidance and assistance

As to existing business owners, we can also assist with the following:-

  • General review of your business – including the organisation structure, location, marketing and financial functions in the context of both ordinary and e-commerce;
  • Financial Health Check – analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats both within the organisation and the environment which the business is currently operating and the areas of profitability, solvency and financial viability will be studied.
  • Strategic planning and policy formulations – these are normally the result of such reviews and assessment, which in turn will enhance the competitiveness and vibrancy of your business and eventually lead to growth.

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