As an accountant Daniel has gone above and beyond his duty in helping us run a financially sound charity organization.

He provides personal service and is always available to answer legal and accounting questions. His service has helped streamline the processes of our bookkeeping and accounting and has greatly enhanced our organization. He has also been auditing our accounts since 2003. Since that time I have known Daniel to have excellent character as well as a strong and honest work ethic. He always strives to do the right thing and is not afraid to bring to our attention something that is out of order. We have known Daniel to have great integrity in his work and integrity is truly the hallmark of his business. He is a meticulous accountant. He thoroughly audits our books and strives to meet every legal requirement. He also has an extensive knowledge of our organizations obligations both financially and legally. This has enabled him to give us detailed advice and get our books into the best order they have ever been in.

Daniel Mak is an accountant that can be trusted. In our four years of existence as a corporation he has been the best accountant we have had. Working with him has been a pleasure and has strengthened our organization.

Ps. Glen GerhauserHoly Fire Fellowship

I have known Daniel for the past two years, during which time I have observed his conduct in both a professional and social setting. I am impressed with Daniel genuine concern for people and desire to assist and contribute positively to their lives.

He has been of great assistance to us in our work with disadvantaged women and children in the Developing World. Daniel has assisted us with our accounting procedures, providing financial analysis and strategic planning for our organization.

As a trained accountant, holding associate membership with, Daniel has developed and shown a tremendous capacity to comprehend and interpret our not-for-profit corporate culture and style of operation. I have observed Daniel to be a methodical and lateral thinker, prepared to take a proactive approach when engaging and working with his clients.

I unreservedly offer my support and recommendation of Daniel as a competent financial accountant, and as a personable individual who is interested in the well-being of others.

Ross WilsonAdvocacy and Relief for Children Assoc

We have engaged the services of Mr Daniel Mak of Daniel Mak & Associates as our company accountant since 1 July 2004, and we already have found Mr Mak to be very professional in comparison to the last accountants we had so far.

Mr Mak has proven his services to be meticulous and his presentation of the management report is in accordance with the high standard and quality of a true qualified accountant, which sadly is absent with previous Practices. Mr Mak also ensures that we, as his clients, keep updated records and that our files are maintained in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Australian Government offices.

We have no hesitation in recommending Mr Daniel Mak as a reliable, efficient and qualified accountant who look after his client.

Amy TanAWK Pen & Ink