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Why choose us?

No two accounting firms are the same.

Like all professional services out there, every one of them is unique in its own way with different core values, strengths and weaknesses. We are dedicated to offer a personalised professional service at a level unseen in our size. Why? Because we care. We care about the needs of your accounting information, but most importantly, your financial success and business growth. Therefore, growing your business is our business.

We all know that owning and running a business is stressful, especially at tough economic times. Working with the bank to procure financial resources, managing difficult staff, controlling cash flow, looking after the customers, liaising with suppliers and service providers, implementing the right business strategies at different economic stages, keeping up with tax, GST, not to mention payroll & super obligations, together they make the life of small business owners much harder today than ever before.

We know how it feels … sometimes you wish that you were simply an employee. But deep down you know this is just not you. We know the ordinary life of being an employee just wouldn’t satisfy you. You’re made to be an entrepreneur, you are not afraid of challenges in business and in life … but at the same time you could use some help from the professionals.

Here at Daniel Mak & Associates, our mission is to provide you with quality advice that enables your business to grow and eventually attain your goal of financial freedom. As a firm, we endeavour to give you the best guidance we could to facilitate your day-to-day business management and to optimise it. Furthermore, we make it a goal to establish a one-on-one mentoring relationship with each of our clients to encounter a personal and innovative client-focused service experience.

With our entire team being at least university degree holders majoring in accounting, we are strongly positioned to assist you to optimise your business, investment and taxation affairs.

Come make an appointment to see us today and don’t leave it to chance.


What people are saying...

Ps. Glen Gerhauser

​”As an accountant Daniel has gone above and beyond his duty in helping us run a financially sound charity organization.

He provides personal service and is always available to answer legal and accounting questions. His service has helped streamline the processes of our bookkeeping and accounting and has greatly enhanced our organization…”


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Ross Wilson

“I have known Daniel for the past two years, during which time I have observed his conduct in both a professional and social setting. I am impressed with Daniel genuine concern for people and desire to assist and contribute positively to their lives.

He has been of great assistance to us in our work with disadvantaged women and children in the Developing World. ….”


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Amy Tann

“We have engaged the services of Mr Daniel Mak of Daniel Mak & Associates as our company accountant since 1 July 2004, and we already have found Mr Mak to be very professional in comparison to the last accountants we had so far.

Mr Mak has proven his services to be meticulous and his presentation of the management report is in accordance with the high standard…”

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